Geometry Practice Resource Book

Grades 7–8 / Ages 12–14
128 pages
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Ships: 8/16/2018

Plenty of practice problems and clear instructions to simplify difficult concepts will help make geometry skills and concepts second nature to struggling students.

Perfect for students in grades 7 and up, Geometry Practice covers geometry basics such as:

  • triangles
  • polygons
  • quadrilaterals
  • circles
  • congruence
  • similarity
  • symmetry
  • coordinate and non-coordinate geometry
  • angles
  • patterns
  • reasoning

This 128-page math resource book supports NCTM standards and includes examples, problem-solving strategies, and an answer key.

  • Answer Key
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Brand Mark Twain Media
Product Detail Resource Book
Subjects Math
Topics Geometry; Middle Grades
ISBN13 9781580373272
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