U.S. History: People Who Helped Make the Republic Great: 1620-Present Resource Book

Grades 6–8 / Ages 11–14
128 pages
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eBook $12.99
Bring history to life for students in grades 6 and up using U.S. History: People Who Helped Make the Republic Great (1620–Present)! This 128-page book provides a full-spectrum view of some of the most fascinating and influential lives in U.S. history. It features biographical sketches of historically famous personalities, such as Benjamin Franklin and Booker T. Washington, and the lesser-known figures, like Dorothea Lynde Dix. The book includes time lines and research questions and works perfectly as a full unit or classroom supplement. It supports NCSS standards and the National Standards for History.
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Brand Mark Twain Media
Product Detail Resource Book
Series American History Series
Subjects Social Studies
Topics Middle Grades; American History; Historical Figures
ISBN13 9781580373333