Greek & Roman Mythology Resource Book

Grades 6–High School / Ages 11–18
128 pages
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Ships: 2/7/2019

Integrate mythology, geography, history, creative writing, and storytelling for students in grades 5 and up using Greek and Roman Mythology. Students will love learning about these fascinating tales!

This 128-page social studies book includes these reproducible activities that develop higher-level thinking skills:

  • mythological stories
  • maps of ancienct cultures
  • charts
  • crossword puzzles
  • quizzes
  • worksheets

This resource includes these memorable topics, among others:

  • Myths
  • Trojan War
  • Hercules
  • Odyssey

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Brand Mark Twain Media
Product Detail Resource Book
Subjects Social Studies
Topics History & Culture; Middle Grades
ISBN13 9781580370202