Interactive Notebook Language Arts & Math Resource Book Bundle

Grade 7 / Ages 12–13

Product ID: 144338

The Interactive Notebooks bundle for grade 7 offers an affordable solution for implementing personalized and effective note taking. This budget-friendly bundle features the Language Arts and Math books.

Actively engage students in the learning process with subject-specific note taking! The Interactive Notebooks Language Arts and Math bundle for grade 7 gives students the opportunity to create personalized learning resources that they can reference throughout the year. Complete with step-by-step lessons and reproducibles, these books encourage students to claim ownership of the learning process by taking notes that make sense to them.

Interactive Notebooks: Language Arts for grade 7 provides a template for completing personalized hands-on activities involving:

  • conflict
  • connotation
  • allusion
  • plot structure
  • adjective and adverb clauses
  • misplaced and dangling modifiers

Interactive Notebooks: Math for grade 7 provides a template for completing personalized hands-on activities involving:

  • integers
  • proportions
  • expressions
  • inequalities
  • probabilit
  • angle relationships
  • circumference and area of circles

Aligned to current state standards, the Interactive Notebooks series offers an engaging way to teach and reinforce effective note taking. These notebooks promote personalized learning so that students can adjust the process to meet their needs while creating a reference that they can use all year. Each 96-page book includes a teacher’s guide, step-by-step lessons, and reproducibles.

The Interactive Notebooks series provides everything you need to set up, create, and maintain subject-specific interactive notebooks, making the learning process easy for you and your students.

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Brand Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Product Detail Resource Book Bundle
Series Interactive Notebooks
Subjects Language Arts; Math
Topics Interactive Notebooks; Literacy Month
ISBN13 9781483834306