U.S. History Maps Resource Book

Grades 5–8 / Ages 10–14
96 pages
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Bring the action and adventure of U.S. history into the classroom with U.S. History Maps for grades 5 and up!

From the ice age to the admission of the 50th state, this fascinating 96-page resource book enhances the study of any era in U.S. history! The maps can be easily reproduced, projected, and scanned, and each map includes classroom activities and brief explanations of historical events.

This middle grade social studies book covers topics such as the discovery of America, Spanish conquistadors, the New England colonies, wars and conflicts, westward expansion, slavery, and transportation. The book includes answer keys.

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Brand Mark Twain Media
Product Detail Resource Book
Subjects Social Studies
Topics Map Skills & Geography; Middle Grades; American History
ISBN13 9781580371094