EZ-Spin: Division Facts Manipulative

Grades 3–5 / Ages 8–11
18 wheels
Product ID: 120230

Enhance the way you teach division facts by providing hands-on curriculum cut-outs.

Foster the home-to-school connection and provide fun ways to learn division with math wheels. The EZ-Spin: Division Facts curriculum cut-outs set contains 18 two-piece division fact wheels (5.25" x 5.25"), including ÷1 to ÷12 and several mixed practice sets.

Hands-on manipulatives and curriculum cut-outs keep students engaged while learning important concepts. Math Wheels can be used during whole-class instruction, independent practice, and small-group instruction. These manipulatives can also be taken home for additional math practice.

UPC 044222259013
Brand Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Product Detail Manipulative
Subjects Early Learning; Math
Topics Division; Colorful Cut-outs®; Center Management
ISBN13 9781483842134