Just Teach NEON Weather Printable Chart

PreK–Grade 2 / Ages 4–8
2 pages
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Printable $5.00
Printable $5.00

Incorporate the daily weather into your morning meeting with this printable weather chart.

This printable Just Teach NEON Weather printable chart includes:

  • 1 "The Weather" header
  • 6 weather cards (sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, rainy, snowy, windy)
  • 1 weather chart

You can use this chart for students to make weather observations and graph them each day for a month (or the whole school year)!

Makeover your classroom—the products in Schoolgirl Style’s Just Teach NEON collection are your go-to essentials anytime you want a bright and bold look. You may print and photocopy this resource for use in a single classroom only.

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