Just Teach Crayon Colors Printable Cut-Outs

PreK–Grade 2 / Ages 4–8
11 pages
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Printable $5.00
Printable $5.00

Reinforce your colors unit with this Just Teach Crayon Colors printable cut-outs.

Just Teach Crayon Colors printable cut-outs feature 10 labeled crayons and a colors header to create a helpful classroom display. Use the crayons to graph students’ favorite colors or to set up a sorting game in a center for hands-on learning activities.

Including various shapes, colors, and designs, Schoolgirl Style’s classroom cut-outs provide the perfect practical solution for your classroom. To unify the overall look of your classroom, be sure to check out coordinating Just Teach products. You may print and photocopy this resource for use in a single classroom only.

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Brand Schoolgirl Style
Product Detail Printable Cut-Outs
Subjects Early Learning
Themes Just Teach
Topics Colors; Classroom Theme; Stylish Designs; Classroom Decorations; Accents; Colors & Shapes
ISBN13 9781483846842