Twinkle Twinkle You're A STAR! Printable Classroom Collection

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Give your classroom a playful pop of color with the Twinkle Twinkle You’re A Star! printable classroom collection.

Mixing vibrant colors with an old-fashioned chalkboard design, the Twinkle Twinkle You’re A Star! printable classroom collection refreshes your classroom with these charming elements. This brilliant digital collection offers functional pieces as well as inspirational banners and decorative accents—it includes everything you need to customize your classroom.

The Twinkle Twinkle You’re A STAR! printable classroom collection is the perfect mix of bright and bold classroom resources for all your classroom decoration, management, and organizational needs. Download this collection today and personalize it for your classroom.

The Twinkle Twinkle You’re A STAR! printable classroom collection includes:

  • Calendar Printable Bulletin Board Set with months, days of the week, and bulletin board embellishments
  • Door Decor Printable Bulletin Board Set (grade-specific banners, 4 Dream Team Banners, and 18 editable star cut-outs)
  • Birthday Printable Bulletin Board Set (Happy Birthday Header, You are a STAR header, A Star Is Born Header, balloon cut-outs, 12 decorated birthday cakes, one for each month, 1 two-tiered Happy Birthday cake with pedestal)
  • Manuscript Alphabet Line Printable Bulletin Board Set (colorful chalkboard style)
  • Number Line 0-120 Printable Bulletin Board Set (colorful chalkboard style)
  • Inspirational Printable Bulletin Board Set (21 speech bubbles on chalkboard backgrounds)
  • A Star Is Born Printable Chart
  • Dream Big Little Ones Printable Chart
  • Twinkle Twinkle You’re A STAR! Printable Chart Set - small
  • Motivational Printable Chart Set - 4 (Twinkle Twinkle little star, Believe, Don't wait for sleep to dream, Dream Big)
  • Printable Border Set (Rainbow Big Dots and Vertical Rainbow Stripes)
  • Chalkboard Star Printable Cut-Outs
  • Cloud Printable Cut-Outs
  • Dream Big Printable Pennants
  • Shine Bright Printable Pennants
  • Welcome Printable Pennants
  • Follow Your Dreams Printable Letters
  • Twinkle Twinkle You’re A STAR! Shapes Printable Name Tags (various colors)
  • Small & Large Printable Photo Cards (purple, blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink)
  • Rainbow Star 10in Printable Cut-Outs
  • Rainbow Star 5in Printable Cut-Outs
  • Alphabet Printable Cut-Outs (manuscript)
  • Editable Inspirational Printable Name Tags
  • Editable Collection Printable Name Tags
  • Printable Nameplates (various color themes)
  • 37 Coordinating decorative papers to use for classroom craft projects
  • Word Wall Headers Printable Cut-Outs
  • 3 Fancy Signs (editable)

You may print and photocopy this resource for use in a single classroom only.

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Product Detail Printable Classroom Collection
Subjects Classroom Organization
Themes Stars; Twinkle Twinkle You're A STAR!
Topics Classroom Theme; Stylish Designs; Classroom Decorations
ISBN13 9781483845586