Boho Birds Classroom Printable Awards & Rewards

Grades K–5 / Ages 5–11
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Reward students with appealing and engaging certificates and awards. Boho Birds Printable Classroom Awards and Rewards allow you to personalize your praise to students and print stickers on Avery® labels to reward them. This collection uses encouragements and growth mindset phrases to motivate students to do their best!

Celebrate your students with stylish certificates and stickers for the classroom. Boho Birds Printable Classroom Awards and Rewards can be customized for daily awards, reward stickers, and growth mindset phrases. Full page and quarter page sizes are available for all certificates.

Certificates are available as a full page or four-to-a-page:

  • I took on the challenge.
  • I kept trying my best.
  • Always ready to learn more.
  • I learned from others.
  • I taught others.
  • I trained my brain by making connections.
  • I used strategies that I learned.
  • I was caught sharing today.
  • I displayed caring today.
  • I was responsible today.
  • I created a friendship today.
  • I fostered a friendship today.
  • I showed tolerance.
  • I was helpful.
  • I was respectful.
  • I used failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Extraordinary Reader
  • Marvelous Mathematician
  • Science Sleuth
  • Brilliant Writer
  • Congratulations!
  • Hooray for a Good Day!
  • Look Who Worked Hard!
  • Student of the Day!
  • Student of the Week!
  • Character Award
  • _______ had a chirping good day!
  • Flying into Learning.
  • _______ was a TWEET helper today!

Stickers are available with two encouragements per page (10 of each design):

  • Outstanding
  • Wow!
  • Perfect
  • Fantastic
  • Smart Work
  • Great Job!
  • Super Star!
  • Good Work!
  • Excellent
  • Superb
  • Marvelous
  • Exceptional
  • Boho Birds Motivational Designs

Boho Birds Printable Classroom Awards and Rewards comes with over 40 pages to celebrate success in your classroom! Customize the certificates and awards to personalize the celebration of your students. Print this collection on any type of paper or on Avery® labels for more versatility.

This resource may be printed and photocopied for use in a single classroom only.

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