Common Core Science 4 Today Workbook

Grade K / Ages 5–6
96 pages
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Common Core Science 4 Today: Daily Skill Practice provides the perfect standards-based activities for each day of the week. Reinforce science topics and the math and language arts Common Core State Standards all year long in only 10 minutes a day! Weeks are separated by science topic so they may be completed in the order that best complements your science curriculum. Review essential skills during a four-day period and assess on the fifth day for easy progress monitoring. Common Core Science 4 Today series for kindergarten through fifth grade covers 40 weeks of science topics with engaging, cross-curricular activities. Common Core Science 4 Today includes a Common Core Standards Alignment Matrix, and shows the standards covered on the assessment for the week for easy planning and documentation. Common Core Science 4 Today will make integrating science practice into daily classroom instruction a breeze!
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Brand Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Product Detail Workbook
Series Common Core 4 Today
Subjects Science
Topics Common Core; 4 Today; Clearance; Literacy Month
ISBN13 9781483811239
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