Kelley Wingate Grammar Workbook

Grades 5–6 / Ages 10–12
128 pages
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Kelley Wingate's Grammar for grades 5-6 is designed to help students master necessary grammar skills. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, this book includes a comprehensive review section for each major concept. Each engaging practice page is designed to reinforce essential grammar concepts.. Grammar skills covered include advanced parts of speech, independent and dependent clauses, sentence structure, idioms, and in-depth word study. The 128-page Kelley Wingate series provides a strong foundation of basic skills and offers differentiated practice pages to make sure all students are well prepared to succeed in today's Common Core classroom. The books include Common Core standards matrices, cut-apart flashcard sections, and award certificates. This series is designed to engage and recognize all learners, at school or at home.
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Brand Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Product Detail Workbook
Series Kelley Wingate
Subjects Language Arts
Topics Differentiated Instruction; Grammar; Common Core; Middle Grades
ISBN13 9781483805085
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