Differentiated Reading for Comprehension Resource Book

Grade 2 / Ages 7–8
64 pages
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Differentiated Reading for Comprehension is designed to provide high-interest, nonfiction reading success for all readers. This 64-page book focuses on second grade reading skills defined by the Common Core State Standards. Each of 15 stories is presented separately for the below-level, on-level, and advanced students, followed by a series of comprehension questions. Grade two covers such standards as main topic and key details, main purpose of a text, using text features to find information, and comparing and contrasting two texts on the same topic.

This series allows teachers to present the same content to below-level, on-level, and advanced students with leveled nonfiction stories. It includes multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false questions; short-answer writing practice; and comprehension questions. Students stay interested, build confidence, and discover that reading can be fun! The reading passages are separated into sections with titles such as Extreme Places, Amazing People, Wild Animals, Strange and Unexplained, Fascinating Machines, and Amazing Kids.

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Brand Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Product Detail Resource Book
Series Differentiated Reading
Subjects Language Arts; Reading
Topics Comprehension; Differentiated Instruction; Common Core
ISBN13 9781483804873
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