Ready for School Workbook

PreK–Grade K / Ages 3–6
80 pages
Product ID: 104448
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Take an active role in your child’s education by providing a strong learning foundation for the school years ahead with Spectrum Learn with Me: Ready for School.

Together, you and your child will have fun coloring, pasting, and cutting, playing games, and solving problems, while developing and reinforcing important kindergarten readiness skills.

This invaluable activity book prepares children in all skill areas required for school success, and allows you to teach the prekindergarten skills of:

  • phonics
  • counting
  • writing
  • letter recognition

It features 80 pages of activities with easy instructions, hints, and tips.

UPC 044222211059
Brand Spectrum
Product Detail Workbook
Series Learn with Me
Subjects Across the Curriculum; Early Learning
Topics Basic Skills
ISBN13 9781936024797
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