I Can Trace Workbook

Toddler / Ages 1–3
80 pages
Product ID: 0769660185
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Improve your child’s hand-eye coordination by teaching how to hold and use a pencil with I Can Trace. Perfect for building motor skills, this activity book offers mazes, puzzles, and games.

The Big Skills for Little Hands series features fun activity pages that teach your child important skills necessary for kindergarten. Your child will have fun cutting, pasting, folding, drawing, tracing, and coloring his or her way to school success!

You’ll love this clever approach to teaching kindergarten readiness skills. After completing this book, your child will be proud to say . . .

I Can Trace!

UPC 087577937182
Brand Brighter Child
Product Detail Workbook
Series Big Skills for Little Hands®
Subjects Early Learning; Puzzles and Games
Topics Motor Skills
ISBN13 9780769660189