Student Planner Workbook

Grades 4–8 / Ages 9–14
144 pages
Product ID: 0769643434
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The Notebook Reference Student Planner offers students everything they need to organize their school year right at their fingertips! In addition to recording their class schedule, they can keep track of daily assignments, homework notes, activities and events, emergency information, and important birthdays and phone numbers. They will also find study success tips and a section of reference lists that will help them quickly access important information, such as U.S. Presidents and states, time zones around the world, the periodic table of elements, and much more! The 3-hole punched format allows students to carry this book in a 3-ring binder for quick reference at school, at home, or on the go.

UPC 087577920436
Brand Thinking Kids
Product Detail Workbook
Series Notebook Reference
Subjects Reference
Topics Middle Grades
ISBN13 9780769643434