Kids’ Puzzle Book Volume 22 Activity Book

Grades 1–5 / Ages 6–11
128 pages
Product ID: 0769639534

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eBook $1.99
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Book Media Type

eBook $1.99

Give your kids a fun mental workout!

The Kids’ Puzzle Book is full of brainteasers, riddles, and word games! Each page features a word search, crossword, or puzzle that will challenge children and hold their interest for hours. Developed to help reinforce important vocabulary, language arts, and reading skills children will enjoy hours of fun while learning at the same time! Plus, children can color the illustrations after completing each puzzle.


• Engaging brainteasers, riddles, and word games

• Reinforcement in vocabulary, language arts, and reading skills

• Charming illustrations that children can color themselves

Collect all 8 volumes!

UPC 087577916538
Brand Brighter Child
Product Detail Activity Book
Subjects Puzzles and Games
Topics Crosswords & Word Searches
ISBN13 9780769639536