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Number and Operations Make-n-Take
Number and Operations Make-n-Take

Sort It Out File Folder Game

Grade: K-1
Subject Area: Math
National Standard: K.MD.B.3, 1.G.A.1 


  1. Prep S.S. Discover File Folders (1) with a Up and Away Label Stickers (1). Use S.S. Discover EZ Letters on the label to name the game.
  2. Inside file folder place Nautical Tools Cut-Outs (4) and adhere to folder on the left side.
  3. On the right side of file folder use remaining S.S. Discover EZ letters to spell out "What Is Your Rule?". Use marker to draw a line just below cut-out for students to answer question. 
  4. Adhere S.S. Discover Library Pockets (1) on the bottom right side of file folder. 
  5. Prep SortingButtons Curriculum Cut-Outs and place in library pocket. 


Student can use file folder game for independent study. Each student will remove buttons from library pocket and place them on the lines. Kindergarten students will tell the rule to the teacher. 1st grade students will write down the rule.  


  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Markers