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Number and Operations Make-n-Take

Navigating North Carolina Bulletin Board

Grade: 4
Subject Area: Social Studies/Reading
National Standard: 4.H.1.1, 4.H.1.4


  1. Prep dark blue bulletin board paper and adhere. 
  2. Use white paint to splatter on bulletin board paper to look like stars in the sky. 
  3. Use cut light blue paper to look like waves and adhere to bottom of bulletin board.
  4. Prep Set Sail for Success! Bulletin Board Set and adhere to make an ocean theme bulletin board. 
  5. Prep S.S. Discover EZ Letters and adhere on bulletin board: Navigating North Carolina.
  6. Use S.S. Discover Library Pockets (6) and place various places on bulletin board. On front of library pockets write various date ranges. 
  7. Prep popsicle sticks by writing NC events on the front of sticks. 
  8. Place a Magnetic Board Buddies (1) at the bottom of the bulletin board to store popsicle sticks. 


Students will sort each event that is written on popsicle sticks and place into the correct library pocket with corresponding date. Students can work in pairs or during independent study. 


  • Glue
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • White paint