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Number and Operations Make-n-Take
Number and Operations Make-n-Take

Matching Fractions

Grade: 2-3
Subject Area: Math
National Standard: 3.NF.1, 3.NF.2, 


  1. Copy and print pages 54-56 from Instant Assessments for Data Tracking Resource Book on card stock. Then use scissors to cut apart the cards. Note: do not use the following cards: C, F, G, K, N, Q, S, T, W, AA, AC, AD. The card stock pieces will be used as the Playing Cards.
  2. Select a file folder from S.S. Discover File Folders. Glue 6 S.S. Discover Library Pockets on the inside. 
  3. On the inside library pockets, label as follows: playing cards, one half, one third, one fourth, one sixth, and one eighth. 
  4. Glue 1 library pocket on back side of file folder. On the library pocket, label: challenge cards.
  5. On 2 large S.S. Discover Label Stickers, write the title of the activity and the directions. Directions are: Take out the playing cards of fractions, models, and number lines. Match the cards to the correct fraction written on the pockets. *Challenge: Take the cards out of the challenge pocket and match to the equivalencies. 
  6. On 2 Nautical Tools Cut-Outs, create the answer key for the fraction matches. On one write: Playing Cards; and on the other write: Challenge Cards.
  7. For the Playing Cards answer key cut-out, write the Playing Cards letters (A, B, D, H, L, O, P, R, X, AE, AF, AG) and their matching fraction answers to show to which library pocket they belong. Then repeat the same process for the Challenge Cards answer key cut-out: Write the Challenge Cards letters (E, I, J, M, U, V, Y, Z, AB) and their matching fraction answers to show to which library pocket they belong. 
  8. Finally, place the Playing Cards with the Playing Cards answer key cut-out in the Playing Cards library pocket, and place the Challenge Cards with the Challenge Cards answer key cut-out in the Challenge Cards library pocket. 


Use this file folder in a math center for individual students or pairs. Tell students to take the cards out of the playing cards and match to the correct fraction. Let them know that each fraction might not have the same amount of cards. When finished, they can check their answers with the cut-outs in the playing cards pocket. For students who need a challenge, tell them to take the challenge cards and match them to their equivalent fraction written on the pocket. 


  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Markers