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Number and Operations Make-n-Take

Gift of Gab

Grade: 3-5
Subject Area: English/Language Arts

National Standards: L.3.5.A, L.4.5.A, L.5.5.A


  1. Line a bulletin board with lime green bulletin board paper. 
  2. Attach the Holiday Lights Scalloped Border around the edges of the bulletin board. 
  3. Use School Pop EZ Letters and Lowercase EZ Letters to title your display: Gift of Gab. 
  4. Attach the gingerbread character sitting on the gift boxes from the Holiday Fun Mini Bulletin Board Set to the bulletin board. Label each box with similes, metaphors, and idioms. 
  5. Attach the Board Buddy Pocket Chart to the bulletin board. 
  6. Group the present pieces from the Holiday Fun Mini Bulletin Board Set so that there is an even number of presents for each color.
  7. Choose a pair of present pieces. Write a sentence containing the figurative language on one present and its meaning on a different present. Make sure that the present colors match. 
  8. After writing the figurative language sentences and their meanings, attach the meanings to the bulletin board and pace the sentences in the Board Buddy Pocket Chart.

Instructions for use in classroom: 

Working independently or in pairs, students should remove the figurative language gifts from the board buddy pocket charts. Read each sentence carefully. Decide which meaning, matches the figurative language used in the sentence. Place the sentence on top of its correct meaning. Repeat for each sentence. After matching all of the gifts, sort the sentences according to the type of figurative language that they contain. Place each gift (sentences) on the appropriate layer of the stacked gifts underneath the gingerbread man. 


  • Green bulletin board paper
  • List of common similes, metaphors, and idioms with their meaning
  • Double-Sided Tape