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Fishing Addition Make-n-Take

Fishing Addition Make-n-Take

Grade: K
Subject Area: Math
National Standard: K.OA.3


  1. Glue the fish side of Two-Sided Calendar Cover Ups to the Fish and Bowl Cut-Out Buddies® (Numbers 1–10 only).
  2. On the Fish Mini Cut-Outs, write addition facts for 1–10 (e.g., 1+9= )
  3. Use a Jumbo Library Pocket as storage. Glue a fishbowl to the front of the storage pocket and label it, Fishing Addition.


Lay out the fish bowls and pair up with corresponding addition facts. As an extension, have students write the facts on paper or in a math journal. To modify, you can also change the facts from 1–5. (use in Math Center with small groups of 4–5 students).


  • Glue