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Number and Operations Make-n-Take

File Folder Frenzy Review Game

Grade: 4
Subject Area: Social Studies
National Standard: 4.HI.B.6, 4.HI.B.4 


  1. Choose a state map from U.S. States and Territories Maps Resource Book. Many states can be chosen for each file folder game. 
  2. Prep the front of a School Tools File Folders (1 for each state) with a School Tools Label Stickers  with the name of the file folder game or state.
  3. On the inside of file folder adhere chosen state map on the left side. On the right side adhere word cards from All About Maps Mini Bulletin Board Set. Also adhere on the right side Aim High Label Stickers with facts from each battle that took place in chosen state. 
  4. On index cards write questions or characteristics from the state you chose and the battles that took place in that state. Adhere School Tools Library Pockets to back of file folders and insert the questions or characteristics. 
  5. Students will use file folder review during independent quiet time. 


During independent quiet time students will choose a file folder to review. 


  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Markers