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Fishing Addition Make-n-Take
Fishing Addition Make-n-Take

Celebration Compounds

Grade: 2
Subject Area: LA
National Standard: CCSS.ELA.-LITERACY.L.2.4.D


  1. Attach one (1) Gifts & Light Cut-Out to front of one (1) School Tools File Folder. On the cut-out, write the name of the file folder game: Celebration Compounds. Decorate the front of the file folder with Holiday Shape Stickers
  2. Attach two (2) Aim High Library Pockets to the inside of the file folder on the left side. Above the library pockets, attach one (1) Gifts & Lights Cut-Out and write the directions on the cut-out: Use cut-outs to make compound words. 
  3. Use the presents cut-outs from the Holiday Fun Mini Bulletin Board Set and write words that are part of compound words. (For example, where, coat, or game.) Attach each word to a wooden craft stick and place it in the library pocket. 
  4. Cut one (1) Lined Multicolored Sentence Strip into three strips and attach it to the right side of the file folder with hook-and-loop tape. On the sentence strips, write three different words that will make compound words when students combine them with the words that you wrote on the cut-outs. (For example, every, rain, or ball.) 


Have students match the wooden craft stick cut-outs with the sentence strips to create compound words. Students can complete this activity at their desks for quiet time, at a language arts center, or in small group instruction. 

Note: You can make as many sets of wooden craft stick words and sentence strips words as you would like when you first create the game. Let students change out the sentence strips to create new words. Store additional sentence strips in a binder clip. 


  • Markers
  • Glue/tape
  • Hook-and-loop tape
  • Binder clip
  • Wooden craft sticks