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Love Acronyms Make-n-Take
Love Acronyms First Name Notepad

Love Acronyms: Highlighting the Best Features of Our Classmates

Grades: 1-5
Subject Area: Language Arts, Character Education
National Standard: N/A


  1. Laminate all pieces of theValentine's Day Mini Bulletin Board Set.
  2. Write each student's first name at the top of one of the sheets from the Bright Hearts Notepad. Then, write that student's first name down the side of the paper, creating an acronym format to be used later. 
  3. On the laminated header piece of the Valentine's Day Mini Bulletin Board Set, use a write-on/wipe-away marker to write What We LOVE About... and attach it to the top of the bulletin board, door, or display wall. 
  4. Set up the mailbox and attach it in the center of the display. 
  5. Decorate the display with a few bee accents and heart accents as desired. 
  6. Attach the blank sign piece from the bulletin board set above the mailbox. This is where you will write the name of the student of the day. You will erase the name each day as you highlight a new student in your class. 
  7. Attach enough student pieces to accommodate spelling the longest student name in your class. 
  8. For younger students, make special crowns for each student of the day to wear from the Hearts Scalloped Border. Use remaining border to decorate the display if desired. 
  9. Feature one student each day by collecting the papers from the activity below and writing the student generated adjectives on the prepared display area. If allowed, take a photo of each student in front of the display wearing a crown and holding his acronym paper. Email the photos to the students' families. Let each student take the acronym paper and crown home to continue the celebration. 

(NOTE: Depending on the size of your class, you may want to start this lesson in January so that you have enough days to highlight one student per school day until Valentine’s Day.)

To Complete the Activity

1. Review the definition of an adjective (a word or phrase that describes someone or something) with your class.
2. If your class is not familiar with what an acronym is, teach this concept and do a sample acronym with a fun word (like “pizza”) as a class.
3. Mix up the notepad sheets and distribute them to students so that each student has another student's name to work on. Have each student try to come up with one adjective that would positively describe the student listed and fit one of the letters in that student’s name. It may be helpful to have a few thesauruses available if students get stuck on a letter.
4. Have students trade sheets when they’ve added a word to their current classmate’s acronym. Encourage them to add a second word to a letter that already has a word only if they can’t come up with an adjective for a blank letter.
5. Continue until all letters are filled for each student’s name. You may have to help students get creative with words or phrases, especially for less common letters like X, Y, or Z. That’s okay! Keep it fun, positive, and encouraging!


  • Write-on/wipe-away markers
  • Tape/glue
  • Pens