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New Teacher Resources and Supplemental Educational Products to Improve Student Achievement

An Exciting New Chapter

Congratulations on becoming a new teacher!

The beginning of your teaching career is filled with excitement, anticipation, and a desire to meet expectations. We believe that preparation is the key to success for teachers, parents, and students. Our passion is to provide the resources you need as a new teacher to set students on the path to academic excellence.

As the leading provider of supplemental educational products, we are here to make this journey as easy and rewarding as possible, starting your very first day. Whether you’re trying to understand standards, create lesson plans, decorate your classroom, or maintain organization, we offer the tools, tips, and resources you need to make your first year a success.

Articles to assist you with preparation, planning, and support:

New Teacher Online Resources First-Year Teacher Tips Tips for More Effective Communication Factors That Influence Students’ Attention

Preparation, Planning, and Support

As a new teacher, you might feel like the first year seems like an emotional roller coaster ride, but you can set yourself up for success with some planning and preparation.

Written by teaching experts at the Education Resource Group (ERG), the articles on this page will help you start your year off right.

Supplemental Learning

Our standards-based supplemental products support student success by providing grade-specific information, practice, and reinforcement. Available in every subject for elementary through middle grades, these products help students learn, refine, and master the skills they need for superior academic achievement.

Articles to assist with student growth and achievement:

Getting Started with Differentiation Tips for Engaging Students with Text Make Learning Meaningful with Authentic Instruction

 Language Arts

Strong Language Arts Skills Are Built in Many Ways

With a variety of content-rich bulletin board sets and skill-building resources, we provide the products you need to help your students improve their reading, writing, and communication skills.

 Middle Grades

Standards-Based Supplements for Middle-Grade Success

Support student success with our skill-building resources in math, language arts, social studies, and science. Available in a variety of formats, our middle-grade products make sure you meet all subject needs.


Standards-Based Science Available in Multiple Formats

Help your students excel in science by adding high-interest books, subject-specific bulletin board sets, and skill-building charts to your classroom.

Classroom Organization and Management

Effective teaching requires skill in managing the many situations that occur in the classroom. And setting classroom standards and communicating expectations with your students are essential to a successful school year.

The resources we provide will help you create a focused environment to support and reward organization and positive behavior. By implementing these classroom management tools, your students will have the reinforcement they need to help them recognize and reciprocate positive behavior.

Articles to assist with classroom organization and management:

Seating Chart Tips 6 Smart Tips for Classroom Management Ideas for Reading Buddies The Reading Record

 Pocket Charts & Accessories

Get Organized with New Colors and Styles

A fashionable and functional approach to classroom management, our high-quality pocket charts are built to last from year to year. Pocket charts are perfect for displaying standards, essential questions, word banks, center activities, and more.

 Awards & Rewards

Encourage Positive Behavior and Good Habits

From stylish and contemporary to simple and traditional, our awards are as unique as the students who receive them. By using rewards for positive reinforcement, your students will be motivated to repeat good behavior. This technique can help create a happy classroom environment that encourages them to thrive.

Learning Environment

Your classroom decor can make a difference in learning, especially for visual learners. Create a classroom that motivates good behavior and reinforces essential information. We offer a wide variety of charts, bulletin board sets, accents, and décor to meet your standards, both in style and content.

Article to assist with student confidence:

Self-Doubt—Enemy of Learning

 Stationery & Supplies

Add a Decorative Touch to Everyday Items

Our decorative stationery and colorful supplies are a great way to add a hint of style to any part of your classroom. Browse our selection of fun and fashionable desk name plates, name tags, number line desk tape, printer paper, library pockets, and more!

 Bulletin Board Sets

Visually Reinforce Concepts and Behaviors

Bulletin board sets offer an easy, time-saving way to help students grasp key academic concepts and learn positive classroom behavior. With an assortment of curriculum-based, classroom management, and decorative sets, our selection of classroom bulletin boards offer the visual reinforcement students need for superior academic achievement.

 Borders & Accents

Create a Classroom That Inspires

Make sure you have everything you need to create the classroom of your dreams. Browse our collection of colorful accents and decorative borders in popular themes and styles!

Family Connection

Establishing a relationship with parents will serve you well, especially during your first year as a teacher. Building honest and open communication with your students’ parents is the most effective way to strengthen the home-to-school connection. With the help of our resources, you can work together with parents to make this year a success.

Articles to assist with parent engagement:

Ask Open-Ended Questions at Home Help Your Child With Testing

 Extra Practice at Home

The Home-to-School Connection

Encourage a strong home-to-school connection by suggesting our at-home supplemental products and manipulatives to parents. With a wide variety of text resources, flash cards, and game-based activities, our at-home skill builders offer the extra practice students need to achieve success.