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Support Your Child’s Academic Achievement with Supplemental Educational Products


As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. But, finding the right tools and resources to academically support your little one at home can be challenging at times. Where do you start? Luckily, we’re here to help.

We believe a strong home-to-school connection plays an important role in your child’s academic journey. And, the right educational resources at home can not only help your child develop a positive attitude toward learning, but also help strengthen the skills needed to get ahead or stay ahead in the classroom.

At Carson-Dellosa, we take pride in offering exceptional products in a variety of subjects and formats. So whether you’re searching for products in early childhood education, test preparation, special needs, subject-specific skill building, or summer learning, we provide the supplemental materials you need to help make every year an academic success!

Bridging the School-to-Home Gap


Articles that help support your child's school life and academic success:

 Jump Start Early Learning!

Begin a Successful Academic Journey at Home
Often, the more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively he or she will learn at school. So make sure your child has the resources necessary for proper educational development. Our early learning products can set the stage for success by offering help with the alphabet, phonics, handwriting, motor skills, counting, and more.

 Basic Skill Development

Basic Skill Products to Improve Performance in Across the Curriculum
Does your child need extra practice in more than one subject area? Then our selection of basic skill books are perfect for you. These comprehensive, all-in-one products provide skill-building exercise and deepen understanding in math, language arts, science, and social studies.

 Boost Math Skills

Become a Master at Math
Help your child build strong math skills that will last a lifetime. We offer a variety of products that will strengthen important skills such as problem solving, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and more. Browse our math products for grade- and skill-specific resources that increase math proficiency.

 Improve Reading Comprehension

Strengthen and Improve Comprehension and Communication Skills
Give your child the resources necessary to develop proper reading, writing, and communication skills. Our reading products address a variety of essential concepts such as sound and letter recognition, early writing skills, grade-specific vocabulary, critical thinking, standards-based text, and more.

 Entertain While Educating

Make Learning Fun with Products That Engage
With the right products, learning outside of the classroom can be fun! We offer a unique selection of hands-on products that will keep your child interested in building essential skills. Educational games, activity books, and flash cards make great gifts, and they are easy to transport, making them ideal for road trips and vacations.

 Understanding Assessments

Prepare for Assessment Success with Standards-Based Products
Providing test prep resources at home is a great way to prepare your child for standards-based assessments. Our test prep products are designed to help your child succeed and to help you understand standards, expectations, and the testing process. Aligned to state standards, our test prep resources can help learners meet and exceed expectations with practice tests, tips, strategies, and more.

 Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Keep Minds Engaged and Skills Sharp During the Summer Months
While filling your child’s summer schedule with social plans, sneak in a few educational activities too! Summer learning loss is real but avoidable. We provide the resources you need to prevent it. Our selection of high-interest summer learning products is great for long car rides, rainy days, and preparing for the grade ahead.

 Let's Learn Spanish

Products to Increase Spanish Fluency
Encouraging your child to learn a foreign language at a young age can introduce opportunities for him or her later in life. Our Spanish section offers a variety of outstanding resources to build a solid foundation for fluency. These products can help children develop vocabulary, understand sentence structure, and more.

 Meet Special Needs

Help Your Special Learner Excel Both In and Out of the Classroom
It’s our priority to make sure that every child’s educational needs are met. Our special learning products offer assistance with goal-setting techniques, developing social competencies, and learning how to focus on strengths when learning with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more.

 Recognize Positive Behavior

Encourage, Reward, and Motivate Your Child
Create a motivational learning environment at home by encouraging hard work and positive behavior. Our awards section offers a variety of colorful stickers, goal charts, chart seals, awards, and more to keep your child motivated and excited to learn!