Teacher Inspiration Playlist: New Year, New Nonfiction Fun

Teacher Inspiration Playlist: New Year, New Nonfiction Fun

Posted by By Hallie Gebel on Jan 3rd 2020

Nonfiction is an important genre for school curriculum. This content offers children something that will help them long after the book covers are closed—an appreciation of the value of well-researched, accurate facts.

The Common Core Standards emphasizes a balance of both fiction and nonfiction, and research shows that practicing nonfiction reading comprehension helps students not only build vocabulary skills, but to also develop essential background knowledge—or a schema—which promotes their further educational success.

It’s easier than you think to incorporate more nonfiction reading into your school day:

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Sharpen students’ fact-finding skills with a seasonal research project!

Students selecting a non-fiction book

Prepare students for well-executed report writing by weaving nonfiction works in your seasonal or themed learning units. Pair these books with current research studies to help students compile all necessary information and ultimately complete their own fact-based essay or show-and-tell presentation.

Looking for fresh, factual content for the classroom? Look no further! Explore some of our nonfiction titles sure to inspire your next reading lesson plans:

Golden Gate Bridge
Capital Building

Plus, download our Free Printables perfect for early reading comprehension practice:

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