Pandemic Persistence

Pandemic Persistence

Posted by By Leigh Ann Pernell on Feb 22nd 2022

What a year it has been! Each day, families have struggled to meet the ever changing demands of the COVID lifestyle. Social distancing, school closings, hybrid learning, mask wearing, and hand sanitizing have become daily routine. Parenting during a pandemic offers many challenges, but the way we cope with the Coronavirus can help our young ones learn how to persevere during difficult times. Here are a few ways we can help our kids build pandemic persistence:

Model Positivity
Children are incredibly observant and are curiously watching to see how we react to this situation. Showing flexibility and a positive attitude during difficult times can help our kids learn to adapt rather than melt down when things don’t go their way. Young ones tend to follow our lead, so do so with a positive outlook. Life can be like a doughnut, so help your child focus on the sweet part instead of the hole.

Model Healthy Choices
The current climate provides a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of good health and hygiene habits. We can help to slow the spread by wearing our masks, washing our hands, and by practicing social distancing. Healthy eating and getting plenty of rest and exercise are also choices that we can make to promote a healthy lifestyle; choices that will last even after the pandemic has passed. It is empowering for our young ones to know that they can make choices that will help to flatten the curve and strengthen their minds and bodies.

Create New Family Traditions
Social distancing has left us with more time at home, so make the most of it! Start some fun new family traditions. Have a weekly movie or game night. Cook or create arts and crafts together. These are great ways to leave the negativity of the news behind, bond with your family, and find fun in the comfort of home.

Serve Others
There are a lot of folks who are struggling right now, and we can help to make a difference. Encourage your kids to clean out the toy box or closet and donate gently used games, toys, books, and clothing to local charities. By spreading a little joy to others, our kids will find truth in the maxim that it is better to give than to receive.

Celebrate Learning!
Hybrid learning has become the norm, so get your kids excited about learning at home. Find time to read, experiment, and explore topics that excite your kids. When our young ones see that we value learning, they will find it to be a treasure too!

Navigating the current COVID climate has been difficult, but it is times like these that build the flexibility, the tenacity, and the perseverance to negotiate the complexities of life. Our young ones are carefully watching our response to this situation. Answer questions and share facts in kid-friendly ways. Spend quality time with children and reassure them that there are positive ways to deal with stress. Model the flexibility and problem solving needed to handle changes when plans and procedures shift. We can help kids build the perseverance to get through this pandemic and the persistence to be proactive problem solvers who can hit life’s curve balls out of the park.