Fall into Quality Learning

Fall into Quality Learning

Posted by By Leigh Ann Pernell on Sep 1st 2019

Tips for teachers to use in the Fall

The days are growing shorter, the air is cooler, and the sights and sounds of fall are all around. Grab the opportunities the season has to offer and bring some meaningful learning into your classroom. Autumn days offer a glimpse into the order and patterns of the world around us. Here are five ways to bring the season and quality learning to life:

  1. Leave the classroom behind and take a nature walk. 
    Challenge young scholars to use their senses and observe the world around them. Explore, with a notebook and pencil in hand, and have your scientists record the sights and sounds of autumn. Compare and contrast your findings with those of other seasons. As students share, teachable moments will occur. (Why do leaves change? How do animals prepare for hibernation? Why is the air cooler?) A great way to integrate this into the classroom is to display The Five Senses Chart, it's great for year-round reinforcement.
  2. Investigate a natural object found during the autumn season.

    Encourage young learners to examine the item carefully and then sketch or paint a reproduction. The goal is to observe the unique details of the object, such as the vascularity and shape of a specific type of leaf. Create a nature journal with our inspirational Galaxy Mini Journals and add various nature studies throughout the school year.

  3. Hold a seasonal challenge.
    Encourage your students to choose a person, place, or thing that represents the season of fall. Students can gather information about a topic of choice and then share their knowledge in a meaningful way. Perform a dramatic interpretation about the life of Johnny Appleseed. Deliver an investigative report on the history of daylight savings time. Compose a song that shares the sounds of the season. The possibilities are limitless. With Seasonal STEM Challenges Learning Cards, students will have a variety of fun ideas to get hands-on with seasonal learning. 
  4. Create fall inspired artwork.
    A variety of media can be used to represent the colors of fall. Pumpkin paintings, squirrel sketches, or 3-D scarecrow sculptures are just a few ideas. The Everyday Art for the Classroom Teacher book includes more than 110 seasonal projects that are perfectly designed for a busy classroom.  
  5. Bring the season into the classroom through your décor.
    Set up open-ended boards that can be filled with your students’ creations—one of our most popular is the Big Tree Bulletin Board from our Woodland Whimsy collection from Schoolgirl StyleFall Leaves Colorful Cut-Outs®, paintings, and other fall projects will bring the season to life and will serve as a tribute to your students’ creativity.

Colorful leaves and bountiful harvests are the splendid epilogue of autumn. Embrace the signs of the season! Fall is a rich time of change, and change is a great vehicle for growth and learning.