A Sweet 2021 Valentine’s Day Celebration

A Sweet 2021 Valentine’s Day Celebration

Posted by By Stephanie Schultz on Jan 26th 2021

Happy Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate kindness and spread the love in the classroom!

  • Brown Bag Valentines

    A simple alternative to using shoe boxes with construction paper is what I like to call Brown Bag Valentines! To make brown bag valentines with your class, first write each student’s name in the middle of the bag (on both sides). Then, set out materials on each table to let students decorate their bag with stickers, paper hearts, marker, etc. Lastly, you can line up the bags on a table or in the hallway outside your classroom door and let students go down the line to put one item in each bag. It is always the sweetest thing to see children open their valentines from friends at our school party!

  • Compliment Chain

    Another class-favorite tradition to spread kindness is a compliment chain! First, we talked about how to spread kindness and brainstormed a Kindness Chart together (pictured left). Then, we discussed what a compliment is, and how to give a quality compliment to someone. To make our compliment chain, every child wrote a compliment about another friend in our class on a strip of paper. I put them together like a chain to make a complete class compliment chain! After hanging the class chain as a decoration for Valentine’s Day, I make sure to send each strip of paper home with each student at the end of the holiday so they may enjoy their compliments from their classmates!

  • Compliment Card

    An alternative that is easy to implement virtually, hybrid, or in-person is to create a compliment card by writing each student’s name on a colorful heart cut-out, like the ones to the right. Then, let students write compliments or draw a thoughtful picture around that child’s name. You can even include a sweet message from you as the teacher for your students to appreciate! If you are teaching virtually this year, you could also send these compliment cards to your students via snail mail, or take a picture of the completed card to send virtually via email.

    Grab the Hearts Colorful Cut-Outs to make these compliment cards here!

  • Virtual Valentines with Flipgrid

    For those of you that may be teaching completely virtually this year, virtual valentines are a great go-to activity! My class has really enjoyed using the free app/website Flipgrid to make videos to share with one another. Children are able to record themselves speaking and then add text or photos to the video, and other easy editing features that make for a fun digital card! Each student can be assigned a friend (or two) who will create a digital valentine for them. Children can take some time on Valentine’s Day to hear their valentine from their friend—it's just as heartwarming as it is to receive valentines in person!

    What will you do to make Valentine’s Day a sweet celebration?

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