Reviving the Handwritten Note: Sharing a personal thank-you

By: Leigh Ann Pernell

In our quick-paced multimedia world, we are immersed in texts, tweets, and snaps. With phone in hand, we go on our way, sending short messages that are quickly deleted and soon forgotten. In this day of sterile communication, receiving a note that someone has handwritten with care makes a powerful statement with a lasting memory. Very few things match the personal and timeless means of handwritten communication, which is rapidly becoming a lost art.

Why Write a Note?

We have expressed our thoughts throughout the ages by way of written communication. Notes from historic figures hold places of value in museums, old friends store thank-you notes in scrapbooks, and romantics carefully house love notes in hope chests. Whether sharing important information, saying a heartfelt thank-you, or simply trying to stay connected, people would write notes—and one thing was clear—the author had the recipient in mind throughout the entire process. We should keep this traditional means of communication alive for a variety of reasons:

  • Notes are personal. When we take the time to craft a thank-you note or send a word of encouragement, it is evident that we care about the person we are writing to. We take the time to reach out—giving our undivided attention in a very personal way.
  • Notes create memories. A meaningful note can become a keepsake. Reading a personal note can bring back vivid memories.
  • Notes show your creativity. Writing style and selection of words are unique.
  • Notes make you unplug. Writing a note helps us step away from technology and take the time to emotionally connect with someone in a tangible way.
  • Notes share joy. A special delight comes from holding an envelope that has our name written on the front.

The Importance of an Attitude of Gratitude

One way to instill the idea of gratitude in our children is by having them write thank-you notes. These quick, yet personal, notes boost reading and writing skills while promoting a gracious spirit. Just as we teach our children to read and write, we should take the time to teach them to be thankful—and a handwritten note is an ideal way to show appreciation. Expressive writing opens the door to creativity, improves mental well-being, and makes someone else’s day a little more special. Personal correspondence is tangible, meaningful, and real—we shouldn’t let it fall off the radar.

A Celebration of Thanks

A lot has changed over the years, but Carson-Dellosa’s passion for providing teachers, parents, and children with reliable products is stronger than ever. Carson-Dellosa would like to highlight the idea of expressing thanks in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Spectrum®. These quality products offer proven instructional methods to teach and reinforce concepts that are aligned with today’s standards.