Bridging School to Home: Helping students prepare for assessments

By: Leigh Ann Pernell

Educational assessments can be confusing to navigate, so it is vital to promote the communication that builds understanding. One powerful way to impact a student’s learning is by creating a strong partnership between school and home. As educators and advocates, teachers can help parents develop a deeper awareness of testing and the information it delivers. Assessments are more than just appraisals of ability. When used appropriately, they provide quality information that can help students grow.

Many strategies can help parents support their children before, during, and after assessments. Here are a few simple ideas for teachers to provide to parents:

Before Assessments

  • Encourage your child to review and practice skills regularly—not just before a test.
  • Check homework to stay connected to learning outcomes.
  • Conference with teachers to stay aware of growth over time.
  • Work with your child when he needs support and provide enrichment when you can enhance his proficiency.
  • Make sure your child gets plenty of rest.
  • Encourage your child to get some exercise and eat right.

During Assessments

  • Remind your child to relax. A test is only one measure of learning. Children need to know that they are much more than just test scores. Assessments are tools that help define the next steps in their learning.
  • Reassure children that they will do their best.

After Assessments

  • Talk with teachers—ask questions to better understand assessment outcomes.
  • Work together to set goals for the next learning steps.
  • Celebrate success and plan how to support areas for needed growth.

High-quality assessments help teachers monitor specific goal outcomes, measure progress over time, and develop instructions that meet the diverse needs of each learner. Through assessment literacy, teachers can help parents build their child’s academic success.

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