After Assessments - Rejuvenate the Learning

Assessments have been administered, benchmarks have been reached, and outcomes have been recorded. You are officially exhausted and your students have checked out, but there are still school days ahead. Now what?

The end of formal assessments does not mean the end of learning! This can be a time of rejuvenation for you and your students — a time to bring the joy back into learning. Now is the perfect time to jump into some of the things that time just wouldn’t allow before the testing crunch. The following are a few ways to keep students engaged and fill those last days with quality learning.

  • Partner with a younger or an older class and celebrate literacy. Students can buddy read, have scavenger hunts, create comic strips, or become pen pals. They can also plan the buddy event’s focus—they always have great ideas!
  • Revisit some familiar fairy tales or fables and have students write (or rewrite) their own. Encourage them to dress up as their characters and share their versions of these stories. Writing prompt: Rewrite a Fairy Tale
  • Create passports and plan a classroom trip. Study each continent and explore the culture, language, food, and people of different countries. Sites like Reach the World offer virtual field trips and interesting ideas for exploration. Reach the World
  • Hold a wax museum event. Students choose a historic figure, conduct research, and portray the person of interest. Invite other classes and parents to attend. Wax Museum Biographies Teach and Entertain!
  • Turn the classroom into a kitchen and do a little cooking. Cooking activities are great ways to integrate reading, math, and other content areas. Farm to School Cooking in the Classroom
  • Solve real world math problems as class teams.
  • Create, revisit, and share some special projects — science, art, music, nature studies, fitness plans, community projects, or any other areas that spark excitement in your students.
Learning shouldn’t stop just because formal assessments are complete. Be a catalyst for lifelong learning and have some fun before that last bell rings!