Tips for Engaging Students with Text

Teach students to do the following things in order to increase understanding of the text:

  • Preview the features, visuals, headings, subheadings, etc. from the selection
  • Slow down the rate of reading as needed
  • Use a variety of comprehension strategies to construct meaning from text (activating background knowledge, questioning, determining importance, and synthesizing)
  • Stop, think, and react in each section to merge thinking
  • Infer meaning of new vocabulary words
  • Hold thinking with sticky notes and coding of text
  • Use think sheets to take notes and hold thinking
  • Paraphrase the information
  • Use the index to get information quickly
  • Turn and talk about the information
  • Read and respond to the text with a partner
  • Discuss the chapter sections in small groups
  • Use a jigsaw to share and report information
  • Always define your purpose for reading