Big Colors & Shapes Flash Cards Grade PK-1

Big Colors & Shapes Flash Cards Grade PK-1

28 cards
PreK-Grade 1 / Ages 4-7
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Oversized, die-cut flash cards offer children an easy, hands-on way to learn colors and shapes with some of their favorite characters.

With the Marvel Big Colors & Shapes Flash Cards, your child will practice colors and shapes along with their favorite Marvel characters! Each color being taught is die-cut to call it out, and the layered cards provide an indented (or recessed) outline, allowing children to trace with their fingers—perfect for tactile learners.

This oversized, die-cut flash card collection features vibrant colors and popular Disney, Pixar, and Marvel characters to keep children engaged. The hands-on, interactive format offers an exciting and easy way to practice essential early learning skills. Each set includes 28 flash cards. Bring magic and motivation to young learners as they grow in school skills!