Kindergarten Learn At Home Classroom Kit Grade K

Kindergarten Learn At Home Classroom Kit Grade K

8 pieces
Grade K / Ages 5-6
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Help young learners master the kindergarten skills they need for academic success.

Help your kindergartner practice and master essential skills for school success with the Kindergarten Learn At Home Learning Kit. This hand-selected collection includes some of the most popular resources for young learners. Featuring 2 workbooks, 1 activity book, 1 bulletin board, 2 charts, and 2 3-piece manipulatives, this bundle is sure to make learning at home an engaging and worthwhile experience. Your young learner will practice their math and language arts skills, learn their sight words, strengthen essential phonics skills, and much more with help from attention-grabbing designs, friendly characters, and colorful activities.

This bundle includes these items:
• Magical Adventures in Kindergarten Workbook (256-pages; includes 140 stickers)
• Words to Know: Kindergarten Sight Words Workbook (320 pages)
• Trace with Me: Sight Words Activity Book (32 wipe-clean pages and dry-erase pen)
• Phonics Bulletin Board (6 pieces)
• Numbers 1-120 Chart
• Weather Wheel Chart
• Numbers 1–10 EZ-Spin™ Set (includes: EZ-Spin counting wheel, activity board, game board)
• Addition Instructional Resources EZ-Spin™ Set (includes: EZ-Spin mixed facts practice wheel and 2 game boards)

This bundle's workbooks and activity books, paired with colorful charts, engaging hands-on manipulatives, and an eye-catching bulletin board, helps to create a learning adventure. Many of these items are perfect for learning on the go, while helping to build and strengthen important school skills. Designed with young learners in mind, this must-have bundle of hand-selected kindergarten resources is sure to enhance the learning experience.