Mental Math Workbook

Grade 3 / Ages 8–9
64 pages

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Provide strategies that will help students solve math problems quickly and accurately while developing a foundation for future math encounters with Singapore Math: Mental Math Level 2!

Perfect for students in grade 3, this 64-page workbook follows the Singapore math method to prepare students for learning addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It enables them to picture in their minds the values and sizes of numbers.

This comprehensive book shows students how to work out math problems in their minds, an important part of math proficiency. It allows learners to practice various types of math problems while developing their thinking and analytical skills.

The book includes learning objectives and unit assessments to ensure that students obtain a thorough understanding of each concept. It is perfect for use as a classroom supplement or a homeschool resource, and it boosts students’ confidence in their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

The book features computation quick tips, thinking shortcuts, 64 reproducible pages, and an answer key.

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Series Singapore Math
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