Addition and Subtraction Flash Card Bundle

Grades 1–3 / Ages 6–9

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A fun, fast way to develop essential math skills! The Addition and Subtraction Flash Card Bundle provides a convenient solution for helping children master early math concepts. These portable two-sided flash cards are perfect for learning in the classroom or at home!

This 200-card bundle features the Spectrum(R) Addition and Subtraction flash cards. These cards help children ages 6 and up prepare for math success by providing the rigorous addition and subtraction practice they need.

The Spectrum Addition and Subtraction flash cards go beyond the basics of fact memorization. These flash cards include fluency drills within 20 and visual models within 100 to provide early learning practice with critical math concepts. By mastering addition and subtraction, students lay the groundwork for more advanced concepts.

Aligned to current state standards, Spectrum flash cards address essential skills for early childhood education. Each set features 100 two-sided cards that are designed to engage students in hands-on learning.

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Brand Spectrum
Product Detail Flash Card Bundle
Subjects Math
Topics Addition; Subtraction; Common Core; Center Management; Testing Support; Classroom Resources
ISBN13 9781483832647