Write About Life Science Resource Book

Grades 6–8 / Ages 11–14
64 pages

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Write About Life Science provides students with many opportunities to communicate about life science topics through writing. As as increasing number of standardized tests include science as a testing component, providing students with ample practice becomes important. Write About Life Science offers a wide variety of writing experiences including summarizing, describing, synthesizing, predicting, organizing and interpreting charts, graphs,, and results of experiments. Reading selections are meant to supplement any science curriculum as well as serve as the focus for writing activities. Included in the selections are significant science facts, charts, graphs, experiments, and other useful information. A sample test covering all of the topics presented is a part of the book, drawing on the individual quizzes and the different writing types.
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Brand Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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Subjects Science; Test Preparation
Topics Life Science; Everything
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