New Supplemental Educational Products

New Product Resources, Supplies, and Classroom Decorations to Meet and Exceed Academic Needs and Expectations


Teachers and parents need the right tools to help children succeed. Let us help you achieve your expectations with our new educational supplies, teacher resources, and classroom decorations. This year, in addition to our supplemental books, we are introducing four new, contemporary décor themes and brand new seasonal décor to help you realize your classroom vision.

So whether you’re looking for fresh and inspiring classroom ideas or essential skill-building primary resources, our new books, eBooks, bulletin boards, charts, accents, stickers, and organization and management supplies will help you make 2016 your best year yet!

 Stationery & Supplies

Create an organized learning environment with our stylish stationery supplies! With our new notepads, file folders, library pockets, name tags, and desk nameplates, keeping a fun and focused classroom is easier than ever. Be sure to look for our new themed pieces to create a fresh, cohesive classroom style.


Our new curriculum charts give students the visual reinforcement they need to master important concepts.

And with a variety of birthday and welcome charts, we have everything you need to create an inviting atmosphere and celebrate special days.