Celebrate Educators In Your Community!
Whether it’s an individual achievement, a unique approach to teaching, astounding creativity, or positive interaction with the community, honor any educator who has made a difference in the life of a child. Let them know how they have influenced others in their roles as mentors, supporters, and friends. Show your appreciation by posting a name on the Quick Stick® Wall of Honor!
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Jennifer Williams
South Salem
She is an innovative educator who brings out the best in every child! Not only does she makes her room kid friendly with student interest instructional materials but she takes on a special interest in students who need a mentor. She has moved students who have never passed CRCT to exceed!!
Saudia Muhammad
Bonnie Fondow
Glen Westlake School
She not only tries to make a difference - she really does it. She does her best to make sure every student is understanding and will work with each individual student as much as she can until they understand. She is compassionate and a hard worker.
Janet Wrenn
Sarah Pronger
Sunray High School
Mrs. Pronger not only teaches her content area but also skills students need in high school for studying. She prepares and uses many labs to give students hands on learning experiences. She balances high expectations with compassion for students.
Janet Brauer
Ms. Zeins
Ms. Zeins is an excellent social studies teacher and is always leaping forward to help students who need her help. She is very dedicated and caring and deserves to be recognized by all her students and other teachers for all she does at Friendship Academy of Science and Technology. Go Cheetah's!!!!
Señorita Rivera
Carolyn Patton
Floresta Elementary School
she is a caring, patient, and encouraging individual, not only to the children she teaches, but to her friends and collegues as well. I have learned so much from her these past few years. Thank you, Carolyn!
Denise Mahoney
Linda Winfrey
North Lamar High School
She always encouraged me and told me that I could do anything I wanted to. Because of her, I am going to be a teacher.
Beth Monthie
Special Education Teachers
Jose Colomban Rosario
They are the greatest STARS!!!!
Dafne Jimenez
Ann Auten
Hawthorne Elementary
Ann is a principal who takes on being there for her teachers and the kids. She has a great behavioral background and believes she is in her position to use those skills to assist teachers with strategies and getting in there with them. Lastly, she goes the extra mile for the kids.
Kim Remmers
Mrs. Melinda McCubbin
Hodgenville Elementary School
Mrs. McCubbin is a great teacher. She's nice. She helps her students. She is very sweet and pretty! ~Daylin (age 8)
Daylin Jewell
Norton Middle School Staff
Norton Middle School
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful support system at Norton Middle School. I am an Inclusion teacher who has had the benefit of working with so many wonderful teachers, which has made me a better teacher. I love you guys!!
Chrishelle Gill
JoAnn Lemonds and Mrs. Maness
Troy Elementary School
Two of the finest, child centered ladies I have ever met. My child has learned in a truly nurturing environment this school year. You will be missed next year!
Jennah King
Mrs. Treude
Pine Run
Mrs. Trude has helped Kelly grow this year, giving her the confidence that she can do it and setting the bar high enough to make her stretch. She has done a great job of helping her develop the individual responsibility skills she will need in Middle School. Thanks for a great year!
sue Cyliax
Mrs. Kim Baker
Balls Creek Elementary
she continues to help build the foundation for improved academic achievement, focus and social interactions for my autistic son. The impact of your help is so significant. It will help Cole for the rest of his life. I truly can't thank you enough and will be forever grateful.
Pamela Berling
Teri M. Rodriguez
Fairview Elementary
She works very hard to help her students on not only in reading, math and content areas, but in their personal lives as well. She works countless hours at school and at home to help her kids excel.
Byron Rodriguez
Shana Cope
J C Stuart Elementary
Shana does so much for our school here in Willingboro. She works with the students and PTA on the yearbook, photos, setup, and all!!! She has always done our school's Talent Show, remaining after school each day, Monday thru Friday, making sure the students are well prepared! Way to go, Shana!!!!
jean streeter
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