School Stops for Summer…Learning Never Should!

With Summer Bridge Activities®, your child will be on track for a terrific year ahead! That's why we say: just 15 minutes a day goes a long way!

Keep the Skills They’ve Worked Hard to Learn

84% of teachers say students forget or "lose" skills, knowledge, or grade-level equivalency over the summer. Over time, summer learning loss can really add up: by the end of 6th grade, those who have lost reading skills are on average 2 years behind their peers.

Summer Bridge Activities® is the original summer workbook series developed specifically to help your child bridge the summer learning gap. Each workbook provides essential skill review and helps prepare them for the next grade.

#1 Teacher Recommended

"I wish every parent knew about Summer Bridge! Their children would be so well prepared for the new school year—I can always tell the kids who kept up with learning over the summer."
— Andrea P., 2nd-grade teacher, CO

Yes, there are other summer workbook series out there, but our original Summer Bridge Activities® continues to be the most widely recommended by teachers. And now, Summer Bridge Activities® workbooks are correlated to state standards, so you can be sure they meet your state and school's curriclum standards.

Summer Bridge Activities Free Online Companion
Summer Bridge Activities Workbooks

Summer Bridge Activities Workbooks® PreK – Grade 8 You may be thinking that 'workbooks' sound an awful lot like work, especially during summer break. How will you motivate your child to do math when it's hot and sunny? We've made it easy. Each 160-page book is bursting with:

  • Full-color pages and kid-friendly illustrations
  • Summer reading lists
  • Outdoor and fitness activities
  • Science experiments (great boredom busters for indoor days!)
  • Social studies exercises
  • Reward stickers
  • Flash cards
  • A completion certificate

In just 15 minutes a day—or about the time they have to wait between eating lunch and jumping back in the pool—kids can keep their brains sharp all summer long!

Download and share our Summer Learning Infographic with tips