Thinking Kids'[TM] Math

Teach kids the math they’re ready to learn next with Thinking Kids™ Math! This dynamic series helps teachers meet the different learning needs of each and every student in their classroom. Aligned to Common
Core State Standards!


Standards-Based Math
for Grades PreK–5

Based on researched and proven practices, Thinking Kids’™ Math supports students’ need to learn how to think about, apply, and reason with math concepts so that they can achieve math success.

Thinking Kids’™ Math differs in important ways from traditional math teaching practices. This innovative series is more than just math puzzles and games, it’s built on proven strategies for success:

  • Teach concepts from concrete to representational/pictorial to abstract
  • Incorporate manipulatives and visuals to represent quantities and to show and teach one’s thinking process in solving a problem
  • Explore fewer topics in greater depth
  • Sequence topics carefully so that content review is kept to a minimum
  • Revisit topics (spiraling) at a higher level each time
  • Students learn the meaning of a problem rather than relying on clue words matched to a list of memorized formulas
  • Guide students with kid-friendly pictures, language, coaching, think-alouds, and discussion

Thinking Kids’™ Math CenterSOLUTIONS® Grades PreK–2 Hands-on math learning has never been easier or more fun! Each Thinking Kids’™ Math CenterSOLUTIONS® kit includes 84 eye- catching, full-color cards that students can use with manipulatives or wipe-away markers as they learn to visualize math rather than rely on fact memorization.

Plus, download FREE pre- and posttest assessments, helpful for tracking student progress!

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new! Thinking Kids’™ Math Manipulatives Grades PreK–5 Bring math learning to life with the NEW Thinking Kids’™ Math Manipulatives! Manipulatives are a fantastic way to help students explore math concepts and demonstrate their understanding while solving math problems. Available in a variety of styles, Thinking Kids’™ Math Manipulatives are just another solution to help support the Common Core State Standards in your classroom.

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Thinking Kids’™ Math Analogies Workbooks Grades 1–5 Take a creative approach to teaching math and critical thinking skills with Thinking Kids’™ Math Analogies! Each book covers essential NCTM strands and includes three levels of difficulty for easy classroom differentiation. These innovative workbooks turn thinking math into math fun!