This Curriculum for Pre-K boxed curriculum set comes complete with all the classroom setup components, classroom support materials, and family connection materials for 10 children for 10 topics: Everyday Places and Routines,Skin Covers Many Things, Building, Textures and Fabrics, Creations and Innovations, Light and Dark, What Happens When . . ., Eco-Exploring, Traveling, and Wings and Things That Fly. For each topic you will receive:

Classroom Support Materials per topic

  • A Learning Experiences Guide
  • Storybook
  • Let’s Talk About It Poster
  • Relating to . . . Poster
  • Move with Me Poster
  • Conversation Cards
  • 3 Heavy-Duty Math Manipulatives

Family Connection Set per topic

  • Paperback Storybook
  • Family Newsletter
  • Reflect & Connect
  • Family Poster
  • Discoveries-to-Go

Plus, you will also receive our Movin’ and Groovin’ music CD, a color, shape, number, and alphabet displays, emergency information cards, learning center labels, and more.

Brand HighReach Learning
Title Set A: 10-Topic Set for Pre-K
Subtitle Box Curriculum - Volume 3
Grades / Ages PK
Subject Early Learning
Product Type Boxed Curriculum Set
Weight (pounds) 38
ISBN13 9781573329750
UPC 878680209767