Facilitate fun and functional phonics instruction using Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use for grades 1–5! This 208-page book helps beginning readers of any age learn phonics through the Word Wall and Making Words activities. This helpful classroom resource supports the Four-Blocks® Literacy Model and is an excellent addition to any classroom. The book includes review activities, take-home word walls, reproducibles, and word lists.
Brand Four Blocks
Title Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use
Subtitle For Beginning Readers of All Ages
Grades / Ages Grades 1-5 / Ages 6-11
Subject Language Arts; Reading
Topics Four-Blocks; Phonics; Teacher Resources; Learning Spot™
Product Type Resource Book
Details 208 pages
Size (inches) 11L x 8.5W x 0.368H
Weight (pounds) 1
ISBN13 9780887245817
UPC 044222143466