Thinking Kids

Reinforce skills needed for school success with Thinking Kids™. These comprehensive products support creative, higher-level, out-of-the-box thinking.



Looking for a workbook that covers multiple key subject areas for your students? Look no further. From math to language arts, these comprehensive, grade-specific workbooks provide activities that reinforce skills needed for school success all in one place!


Thinking Kids™ is a fun and hands-on approach to learning math! Increase your students' critical thinking and problem solving skills with these colorful, interactive activities.

Each workbook supports academic standards and includes extension activities to encourage your students to connect with the math skills they are learning.

Language Arts

Success in Language Arts starts here! From reading to writing, each full-color, comprehensive workbook will build a solid foundation for language arts through the fun and challenging cross-curricular activities. The extension activities will encourage your students to utilize critical thinking and apply what they have learned to everyday situations.

Early Learning

Basic skills are essential for school readiness and success. Thinking Kids™ workbooks cover key concepts like fine motor and printing skills, colors and shapes, numbers, alphabet, safety rules, and other early learning topics to help build the confidence they need!