Summer Bridge Activities Workbooks Series for preventing summer learning loss

 Summer Bridge™

Engage your child in summer learning with Summer Bridge Activities®. The standards-based Summer Bridge™ series provides fun learning activities for 12 weeks. A perfect combination of education and entertainment, the 15-minute daily activities in the Summer Bridge™ workbooks challenge children to remain mentally sharp and physically fit during the summer months.

 Summer Learning

Prevent summer learning loss and bridge the gap between grades by providing summer workbooks for kids. From cross-curricular activities in Summer Bridge™ Explorations to skill-specific practice in Summer Link Math, our summer learning products prepare children for a new school year.

Keep Minds Active & Skills Sharp This Summer

  • Stop Summer Learning Loss with Summer Bridge Activities®

    It only takes 15 minutes a day to prevent summer learning loss with Summer Bridge Activities®. Watch the video for more information.

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Summer Bridge Activities


Summer Bridge Explorations