Three Resources to Help Streamline Your School Year

By: Michael Pierce

Three Resources to Streamline Your School Year

There’s no doubt that the school year can be stressful. Both teachers and students face many challenges each day—there’s no need to complicate things. Several resources are available to teachers to help them conduct smooth lesson plans, while giving students a memorable educational experience.

Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebooks, available for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Word Study allow students to personalize their materials while staying organized. With these workbooks, students are not just writing notes on blank sheets of paper. Instead, they have the ability to draw, color, and style their notes as they see fit. The visual aspect of these notebooks enables students to easily assess which areas they have mastered and which areas they could use a little more practice in. This keeps students engaged and interested while enabling teachers to develop a lesson plan that matches each student’s individual needs. Interactive Notebooks open the line of communication between teachers, students, and the students’ parents, which is essential for productive educational development.

Classroom Data Tracking

These days, data is everywhere. By collecting and analyzing data in a meaningful way, teachers can better understand what information their students are retaining and in which areas their students may need additional help. Carson-Dellosa’s Classroom Data Tracking resource books help teachers to set up and maintain a successful data tracking system, making it easy to track each student’s progress during the school year.

Record Books

Organization is a main component for a successful school year. Keeping track of important information like attendance, grades, and behavior can help ease the stress of tracking progress throughout the year. With help from a Record Book, not only can teachers organize in style, but they can have an easy-to-access resource filled with what they need at a quick glance. Keeping track of student progress and essential information can help teachers instruct more effectively and easily communicate areas of student excellence, as well as areas in need of improvement.